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A Data center operator and cloud service provider

What we do?

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Who do we do it for

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Enterprise & Service Providers


  • Internet and cloud service providers
  • Retail chains and e-commerce giants
  • 5g Telecommunications carriers

Media & Entertainment


  • Broadcasting and media companies
  • Streaming (OTT) platforms
  • Gaming companies

Technology & Software


  • Software development companies
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Artificial and virtual Reality

Government & Public Sector


  • Banks, Financial Institutions and Fintech
  • Public health institutions
  • Education and research institutions

Why Choose Us?


Easy Deployment

Quick registration process & instant server setup. Get started in just a few minutes.


DDoS Protection

A comprehensive, DDoS protection ensures robust security for all our users worldwide.


Awesome Support

We follow the sun model which provides 24*7 support across the time zone.


Top-Notch Performance

Experience unparalleled performance powered by our cutting-edge data centre infrastructure.


Full Server Control

We provide both fully managed and auto-scalable solutions. Granting users complete control over servers.


Multi Locations

Partnering with top-tier Cloud & IT service providers extends our solutions to distributed edge data locations across the globe.

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