Block Storage

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Connect with secure, scalable, and reliable NVMe-based storage to your virtual machine. We utilize the latest storage technology, which is faster than SSDs and old HDDs


Choose Your Block Storage Plan

Basic storage

100 GB

     ✓ Basic Hosting Databases

     ✓ Facilitating Backup

     ✓ Create Testing Environment

Regular storage

300 GB

     ✓ Big Data Analytics

     ✓ Enterprise Applications like ERP and CRM

     ✓ CDN (Content Delivery network)

Customised storage

As per your need

Learn How to Utilize block storage for your organisation

Database Hosting

Businesses rely on our block storage for their databases due to its reliability, performance, and ability to handle large volumes of transactional data.

Enterprise Applications

From ERP systems to CRM platforms, block storage supports critical enterprise applications.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Organizations use block storage for backup and disaster recovery solutions, enabling efficient data backups, replication, and restoration.

Development and Testing Environments

Development teams utilize block storage for creating and managing development and testing environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Block storage stores data in fixed-size blocks within storage volumes, with each block having its unique address for independent access.

Block storage can be used to store data for websites, applications, databases, and other digital assets by providing a reliable and scalable storage solution.

Block storage offers high performance, scalability, data integrity, and compatibility with various applications and operating systems.

Yes, block storage is suitable for storing large files, databases, and other data-intensive applications.

Yes, Our block storage solutions provide scalability, allowing you to easily increase or decrease storage capacity to accommodate changing requirements.

Block storage solutions include data replication, encryption, access controls, and compliance certifications to ensure the safety and security of your data.

Block storage organizes data into fixed-size blocks, offering direct access to individual blocks. It differs from file storage, where data is organized into files and directories.

Our block storage solutions include features such as data replication, snapshots, and RAID configurations to ensure data redundancy and protection against failures.

Considerations include performance requirements, data migration strategies, compatibility with existing infrastructure, and integration with applications and workflows.

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