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It is a unique IP address that is used for identifying a particular website. The IP address will be reserved for a single website. Having a dedicated IP provides more stability to the website and it will increase the website security, reputation and trust.

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Higher Stability

Dedicated IP provides more stability to the website. If your website is having good traffic, then a dedicated IP can maintain the website stability by preventing website crashing and traffic overload.

Less Downtime

Dedicated IP helps to reduce the downtime of your website. If you are using the Shared IP, it will refresh periodically and it results in downtime. But, if your website is using dedicated IP, then you can avoid easily this issue.

SEO Benefits

Google takes IP address to find the location of the website. If your website is geo-targeted, then this will be very crucial is SEO. So, using a dedicated IP will be a great benefit for search engine rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is a common misconception.

You can usually request a dedicated IP address from Bharatdatcenter. They offer it as an add-on service.

Can I use a dedicated IP for email marketing?

A Dedicated IP is assigned solely to one website, offering enhanced security, reputation, and control. Whereas Shared IP is used by multiple websites, potentially posing security risks and affecting reputation due to shared resources and behaviour of other sites.

No, it’s not included.

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