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Bharat Datacenter provides top-notch infrastructure worldwide, at a much lower cost compared to major tech giants.

We offers a range of services to bolster your business, providing tailored solutions to meet your needs and drive success in a professional and straightforward manner.

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Cloud Compute

Setup Virtual machines in seconds for achieving your hosting needs.


For Basic Application

 ✓  Low-traffic web servers

✓  Blogs and forums

✓  Small databases

Memory Based

For RAM-Intensive apps

✓  High-performance DBs

✓  In-memory caches

✓  Real-time data processing

Storage Based

For extra large apps

✓  NoSQL databases

✓  Monitoring software

✓  Other data warehouses

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Bare Metal

Dedicated servers offer exclusive resources for hosting needs, ensuring optimal performance and security. We provide customizable solutions tailored to businesses, offering high-performance hardware and robust infrastructure. With dedicated servers, businesses can enjoy reliability, scalability, and enhanced control over their hosting environment for seamless operations and growth.

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Load Balancer

A load balancer acts as a critical component of modern IT infrastructure that distributes incoming network traffic across multiple servers or resources. By spreading the worldoad evenly, load balancers prevent any single server from becoming overworked, thus enhancing performance, scalability, and reliability.!!

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Block Storage

Block storage, a storage solution that divides data into manageable blocks, is integral for database hosting, enterprise applications, backup and disaster recovery, and development environments. It offers reliability, scalability, and performance for managing diverse workloads efficiently.

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Object Storage

Object storage is a data storage architecture that manages data as objects rather than blocks or files. It is used for storing large volumes of unstructured data, such as media files, backups, and archives, efficiently and cost-effectively. Additionally, object storage facilitates data analytics, content delivery, and disaster recovery, empowering businesses to leverage their data effectively for strategic decision-making .

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Databases are structured collections of organized digital information, typically stored and accessed using specialized software, facilitating efficient data management and retrieval for various applications and purposes.

At Bharat Data Center, we offer a comprehensive range of database solutions, including Relational (SQL), NoSQL, NewSQL, Graph, In-Memory, and Time-Series databases, tailored to meet your diverse data management needs.

Frequently asked questions

Bharat Data Center is a third-party data centre operator and cloud service provider offering a range of services including colocation, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and managed services.

Bharat Data Center provides managed services including server management, network monitoring, security services, and disaster recovery solutions to help businesses optimize their IT infrastructure and operations.

Bharat Data Center implements robust security measures including physical security, access controls, encryption, and continuous monitoring to safeguard client data against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Yes, Bharat Data Center offers customizable hosting solutions tailored to your unique business needs, allowing you to choose the resources, configurations, and features that best suit your requirements.

Bharat Data Center maintains redundant power supplies, network connectivity, and backup systems to ensure high availability and reliability for hosted services. Additionally, our expert team monitors systems 24/7 to promptly address any issues.

Bharat Data Center offers comprehensive support services, including technical assistance, troubleshooting, and consultation, to ensure clients receive prompt and effective support for their hosting and infrastructure needs.

Yes, Bharat Data Center provides migration services to assist clients in seamlessly transitioning their infrastructure and applications to our platform, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime during the migration process.

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